Shalom Fellow Torah Students!

Begun in the Fall of 2015, Tetze Torah Ministries has currently been engaged in a new, updated, ongoing weekly study of the book of Galatians, live via Skype conference call! Please join us in unlocking the invaluable nuggets of truth from this intriguing Pauline epistle.

current week: eighty-eight

next meeting date: january 20, 2018

meeting time: saturday evening, 7 pm to (approx.) 8 pm cst

meeting topic: Galatians 6:1-10

Additional Details:

  • Taught via Skype conference call, live from my computer to yours!  Skype group link is needed to join this study (see subscribe details below).  Don't have the Skype app or a Skype account?  No problem.  Join the Skype call as a guest from your browser!  If you have a Skype account, use your own credentials, or use your Facebook account.  Presenter's screen will be shared with participants; headphone or speakers required; some additional browser plugin software might also be required.
  • Saturday evenings from 7 PM to (approx.) 8 PM, US Central Standard Time.
  • Will follow a 10-week on, 2-week off schedule, and keep going until complete.
  • Each class opens with brief liturgy in Hebrew and Greek!
  • Exclusive for enrolled members: A 45-minute Q&A chat session will immediately follow each live lesson!
  • Enrollment is free but donations are welcome (see details in the subscription Welcome Letter).
  • Taught by the author, the study will follow the Galatians commentary by Torah Teacher Ariel, updated as of 2017.
  • Each audio session will be recorded and uploaded to my websites and iTunes for later review.

>>IMPORTANT: Subscribing ensures you will receive the free weekly notes.  Live attendance is only accessible via the Skype link that you will receive once you join.  Please be sure to mute your microphone once you join the call<<