torah observant series

Introduction to the Series

The Hebrew word שֹׁומֵר "shomer" means "keeper of," or “to be observant;” in the Qal stem, the root word שָׁמַר “shamar” suggests the idea of “safeguarding.” The Hebrew word מִצְוֹת "mitzvot" is the plural form of the word מִצְוָה "mitzvah," meaning, "command”; thus, שֹׁומֵר מִצְוֹת "shomer mitzvot" (say: show-mair meets-vote) means "keeper of the commands,” or more generically "Torah observant.”

Many believers—specifically Jewish believers without a formal background in Judaism, and Gentile ones who wish to identify with the Scriptures of Isra'el—have questions about what it means to be “Torah observant.”

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