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Shalom Fellow Torah Students!

In an effort to begin to share the message of Yeshua and his Father's Torah with many more traditional Christians than I could simply with my web sites alone, I have recently taken up answering bible questions on the eBible.com forum, a free, Christian question and answer resource.  At eBible, I share short answers from a unique, Torah-based perspective, which provides a wonderful way for folks visiting eBible for answers to be introduced to the pro-Torah, Messianic way of understanding the Bible.

Once a week, Tetze Torah Ministries conducts live Internet studies of eBible's original questions along with the links to our short answers. The ongoing live Internet shows are then turned into short, info-graphic YouTube videos, longer, complete iTunes podcasts, as well as audio files on our website.  We will also post links to the recordings in the Weekly Messianic Newsletter.

current week: sixty-seven

next meeting date: september 21, 2019

next meeting time: saturday evening, 7 pm to (approx.) 8 pm cst

(30 min - sqsa topic, 30 min - shomer mitzvot topic)

next meeting topic(s):

Important Details:

  • Saturday evenings from 7 PM to (approx.) 8 PM, US Central Standard Time.

  • Taught via Skype conference call, live from my computer to yours!

  • Invite-only Skype group link is needed to join this study (see subscription details above or send me an email requesting the link). Don't have the Skype app or a Skype account? No problem. Use the group link to join the Skype call as a guest from your browser! If you have a Skype account, use your own credentials, or use your Facebook account.

  • If you're joining from a mobile device, Skype will launch on your mobile. If you don't have Skype installed on your mobile, you'll need to install it before you can join a conversation and click on the conversation link again.

  • Presenter's screen will be shared with participants; headphone or speakers required; some additional browser plugin software might also be required.

  • Each class opens with brief liturgy in Hebrew and Greek!

  • Exclusive for live show members: A 45-minute Q&A chat session will immediately follow each live lesson! Interact with the teacher and with each other!

  • Enrollment is free but donations are welcome (see details in the subscription Welcome Letter).

  • Taught by the author, the study will follow the 'Short Questions, Short Answers' series by Torah Teacher Ariel, with new answers added weekly.

  • Each hour-long audio session will be converted to shorter, animated info-graphic YouTube videos. The longer, complete audio teaching will be available from iTunes as well as my websites.

complete archive audio blog of previous LIVE internet study on the book of galatians